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Slow Food Week with the Caponetti’s:

  • 1-14-04 — Welcome evening with Laura and her son Lorenzo at the Better Cheddar on the Plaza
  • 1-16-04 — Gina Valenti presents a dinner with Lorenzo & Laura at Buca Di Bepo Restaurant
  • 1-17-04 — Olive Oil class with Lorenzo in Miami County Fairgrounds Paola, KS
  • 1-17-04 — Cooking Class with Laura that included lunch, hands on instruction and recipes.
  • 1-15-04 — Dinner with Laura & Lorenzo at Jasper’s Restaurant

3-3-04 — “Atkins Be Damned!” Celebration & Historical Review of Pasta at Lidia‚Äôs Restaurant with Lidia Bastianich as our host

3-20-04 — Chocolate & Wine tasting with Christopher Elbow

4-16-04 — Pinot & Pork in conjunction with Kobrand Wines

5-2-04 — Salsa Tasting with Margaritas at Classic Cup on the Plaza

8-12-04 — Slow Food Bread Seminar at Fred Favere’s Bakery which featured Handcrafted Bread prepared by Artisan Baker Fred Spompinato

10-10-04 – A Slow Food Harvest at Louisburg Cider Mill