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2012 Slow Food Kansas City Membership Meeting

The 2012 Slow Food Kansas City Membership meeting was held January 25 at Jasper’s Restaurant. It was a lovely evening filled with good discussion, great food and even better ideas.

On behalf of the Slow Food Kansas City Board of Directors, I would like to thank our co-leader, Jasper Mirabile, for opening the doors of his restaurant to hold our meeting. Both the food and service were exceptional!

Thanks also goes out to the 35+ members in attendance and the board members who attended, especially Liz Handlen who managed the check-in process and captured meeting minutes.

Below are those minutes taken by Liz. We’re looking forward to another successful year with Slow Food Kansas City!

2012 Slow Food KC Membership Meeting Minutes

*Introduction of the Board.

*Membership- Sarah gave a report to the membership about renewing online and that we are aware that Slow Food USA is not sending out reminders to renew. The option to renew locally through our website was given.

JM: Here is the link.

*Communications- Linda gave a review of our Communications and also stressed the importance of having current information to contact people.

*Philanthropy Report- Margaret gave a report on our donations for 2011 and this information will be posted to the website. Our donations for 2011 were $4150.00.

*Mariann reported that our convivium likes to donate to programs that are established and have a need but we are also open to new programs and open to new suggestions. Mariann reported on Culinary Cornerstones and their purpose as an example.

*Vicky Johnson offered an idea on places to donate and it was suggested that she contact Mariann to discuss further.

*Programs- Liz gave a report on some of the events we have coming up. February- released The Local Pig event in February, Christopher Elbow in March and April’s events of a Farmer’s Market Forum, Planting Lavender Files at Julie Zoller’s and the Les Dames event at Broadmoor Bistro.

The membership had suggestions-

*Lisa Foland suggested contacting the Waldo Business Association. She offered to do this for Slow Food KC and will speak to Sarah about it.

*Lisa Foland has a Gluten and Wheat Free Kitchen she has offered for our use. Possibly a cooking class for her friend who is from Russia.

*Stewart Bitterman suggested that a roster be released for membership. If members did not want their information posted then you could opt out. This idea will be discussed at the next board meeting in February.

*A member suggested that we have a wine dinner featuring local wines and chefs.

*Adrienne Baxter brought up Food Day 2012 and that it is the same day as last year, 10-24-`12. It is on a Wednesday and she is hoping Slow Food KC will represent again.


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