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Eating Local

As a Slow Food member, most of you know that eating local is becoming one of the hottest trends in food right now, and I believe Kansas City is on the cutting edge.

Eating local is something that is very near and dear to my heart. Having been spoiled for the last 16 years by my father-in-law, I have been lucky enough to get fresh home-grown beef from cows that were literally roaming in his backyard and sometimes in ours since we live next door. What a luxury to have hormone-free, local and organic beef. Unfortunately, he has decided not to get any cows this year, and with my freezer quickly emptying, I went to the Kansas City Food Circle Eat Local Expo 2011 for many reasons.

First,: I met local farmers and had the opportunity to purchase fresh, seasonal, and organic varieties of meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, herbs, honey etc.

Second, I found options for a CSA (community supported agriculture), where I can enjoy the fruits of their labor all year. What is a CSA you ask? Basically, it is where you find a farmer that has what you are looking for and purchase a share of his crops, usually up front. Throughout the growing season, you get your “share” usually weekly or biweekly. Depending on the farmer, delivery or pick up locations and times are arranged for you to get your items.

Third, I am happy to support others in our community. I think it is exciting to meet the farmers who are growing the food I am eating and would much rather give my money to them.

Fourth, it is the healthiest way to eat!

Finally, the free “How To” Workshops interested me. Different workshops were held on freezing and canning, how to buy direct from family farms using CSAs, farmers markets, buying clubs and co-ops, and cooking demo’s from chef and owner Hilary Brown of  Local Burger and owner of blue bird bistro Jane Zieha.

This event was held on April 2nd in Shawnee. For more information about local food and farms visit, www.kcfoodcircle.org/food-news/events/eat-local-expo/.

In Good Taste,
Sharmin Meadows
For information on other great food finds in Kansas City visit my blog at whatyouremissingkc.blogspot.com

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