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Like-Minded Organizations

Kansas City Food Policy Coalition

Our mission is to advocate for a healthy food system and promote policies that positively impact the nutritional, economic, social and environmental health of Greater Kansas City. We promote cooperation among segments of the food system and the connection between local producers and local consumers. We are dedicated to improving the local food system.


Kansas City Center for Urban Ag

The Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the production and consumption of fresh, local produce by growing urban farmers who are an active part of healthy neighborhoods in greater Kansas City .


Broadmoor Bistro

The Broadmoor Bistro is a student-run skills application by the students at Broadmoor Technical Center in Shawnee Mission School District. Junior and senior students from the district high schools enroll in year-long elective classes at Broadmoor Technical Center in their area of interest.  Part of the culmination of the culinary arts instruction is the students’ skills application in the Broadmoor Bistro.  Students create menus, cook, serve and run the Broadmoor Bistro.


Rosedale Healthy Kids Initiative

The Rosedale Healthy Kids Initiative (HKI) is a community effort to reduce childhood obesity in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City by promoting healthy, active lifestyles for all residents.

Culinary Cornerstones

Culinary Cornerstones is a groundbreaking program that trains people for jobs in the food service industry. Culinary Cornerstones addresses root causes of hunger–unemployment and under-employment, for example–by providing necessary job skills and placement assistance.