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Mark Your Calendar – Urban Farms & Gardens Tour

Urban Farms & Gardens Tour
Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26, 10 am to 5 pm
Pre-Tour Events start June 15

The Urban Farms & Gardens Tour is hosted by the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating a city that grows and eats fresh, local, healthy food. The tour allows us to showcase all of the ways your neighbors are growing good food in our city. We hope to teach and inspire your peers, your friends, your family and YOU to get engaged. Whether you grow your own tomatoes, shop from urban farmers at the market every week, or volunteer on a local farm – you are helping create a Kansas City with farm in every neighborhood and access to fresh, local food.

How it works: Get a ticket. Find some friends. Read up about the farms & gardens on our website.  Decide which farms and gardens you want to visit. Drive, bike, or walk to them. Repeat. See what is growing in your neighborhood and in your city. Enjoy live music, cooking demonstrations, food vendors, and good people. Get inspired. GET YOUR GROW ON!

Plus, we will pack the 10 days leading up to the tour with exciting and educational workshops, films, local food events, and children’s activities.

We’re excited about this tour- so much great activity is happening in the city around growing food. There are farms, gardens, roof-top gardens, school gardens, and community gardens, along with orchards, aquaponics, high tunnels and so much more popping up all over the place we can hardly keep up with it.  We want the 2011 tour to share all this great activity with the public and inspire our city to get into the growing local food movement.

The 2009 tour featured some 32 farms and gardens, with the week’s events pulling in nearly 2,000 people.  The pre-events were for children, youth and adults, and covered a range of really wonderful topics.

We have set even bigger goals for the 2011 Tour – we will increase the number of farms, expand the days of the tour, and amp up the tour activities both on and off the farms! It will be a inspiring and engaging week celebrating growing food and growing community in our city.

Check http://urbanfarmstourkc.com/ for details and updates about the 2011 tour! And follow us on Twitter @KCFarmsTour and Facebook to join the fun as we gear up for the 2011 Urban Farms & Gardens Tour!

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