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August 2011: Slow Food Kansas City at Farm Aid 2011

Slow Food Kansas City was proud to participate in the HOMEGROWN Village at Farm Aid 2011 held at Livestrong Sporting Complex in Kansas City, KS, on August 13, 2011.  Board members Sarah Reed, Liz Handlen and myself, Jamie Milks, demonstrated a variety of traditional cooking skills  encouraging concert-goers to preserve authentic ingredients in their food preparation. This is a mission of Slow Food Kansas City.

The annual Farm Aid concert is held in a different city each year and features board members Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, Neil Young and a variety of other musicians, farmers and volunteers. It celebrates family farmers and the Good Food movement, while raising money and awareness for their simple mission: To keep family farmers on their land.

The atmosphere, the food and the music where all incredible, which is such a win for Kansas City.  All of the exhibitors, local sponsors, volunteers, farmers and food providers represented Kansas City well. With the help of Farm Aid we were able to reach more people with the message of eating local food than any single event I have seen. For that reason, I believe it was a major success.

Here are some photographs of the day:

Right to Left: Liz Handlen, Jamie Milks, Sarah Reed – we’re ready!

Slow Food Kansas City board member and Farm Aid volunteer, Dave Letts

Sarah Reed demonstrating how easy it is to make homemade dog food as an alternative to preservative-filled dog food found on the market.

Liz and Jamie during the dehydrating portion of the day. We made fruit leather and sun-dried tomatoes. The pickled green peppers are also in there from the previous demonstration.

Homegrown.org had a separate skills sharing tent where Jamie demonstrated how to make homemade baby food and was supposed to demonstrate how to render lard, but that demo ended up being held at the Slow Food KC exhibit instead (bumped by recording artist Jason Mraz – sheez!)

Jamie during the homemade baby food demo.

That is Neil Young at the table next to ours! Sarah’s head is blocking the sign – so close to meeting a legend. Our booth was “too crowded” for him to stop at.

Gearing up for the demo on grinding grains and rendering lard. We did it all!

Jamie and Sarah sharing friendly conversation with the folks from Paradise Locker Meats.

What a fun day! If you weren’t able to make it to the concert and would like to make a donation to Farm Aid, you can do so on their website.



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