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Slow Food KC + The Roasterie Coffee

Slow Food KC + The Roasterie Coffee Project
Slow Food KC is working with The Roasterie to develop a signature blend of coffee complete with a label identifying us by name. Mariann Vandenberg, Sharmin Meadows, Jasper Mirabile, Linda Bernskoetter and Pete Dulin attended a cupping at The Roasterie HQ on July 20. After several rounds of tastings conducted by Bean Hunter Paul Massard, we arrived at a complex bold blend with fruit notes and a smooth finish. The Board will develop plans on sales and distribution of Slow Food KC coffee produced by The Roasterie. Look for bags bearing the red snail logo at upcoming events such as the Culinary Garage Sale.

For more photos and a play-by-play of the cupping, visit http://whatyouremissingkc.blogspot.com/2011/07/slow-food-coffee-blend-from-roasterie.html

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